Affordable Law Group is a unique firm.

What makes us unique? Low upfront Retainers and an hourly fee based on a sliding scale that was created to offer legal services at prices that are proportionate to what clients need and can afford.

Although there are a few flat-fee options, i.e. estate planning, wills, bankruptcies, the majority of clients will be charged on a sliding hourly rate based on gross household income.

Simply put, our clients pay an hourly rate based on where they fall on the sliding fee scale as shown in the table below.

*The rates below are effective January 1, 2018

Payment Options 

Affordable Law Group’s prices range from $100 to $275 per hour based on a sliding fee scale. A client’s hourly fee is based on his/her gross household income (Household income is determined by all adults living in client’s home). Client’s will need to supply supporting evidence of their gross household income. The initial retainer is based on 10 to 20 hours of billable work and is due upon execution of a fee agreement.

Flat fees for services may be arranged on a case by case basis.

       Sliding Fee Scale 

Under $20,000 $100.00
$20,001-$40,000 $125.00
$40,001-$55,000 $150.00
$55,001-$70,000 $175.00
$70,001-$85,000 $200.00
$85,001-$100,000 $225.00
$100,001-$125,000 $250.00
$125,000 and over $275.00

Affordable Legal Group offers several payment options:

Checks.  Bank or cashiers’ checks.

Credit Cards are accepted for most legal matters.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

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